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Generate more revenue with selling the products of other vendors!

Dropshipping service for webshops and wholesale sellers

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Thousands of products, established brands, next day shipping all over Europe

Dropshippy offers an incredibly easy method for dropshipping: you can boost your own supply with only a few clicks. Even better, the buyers get their orders by the next day, since we ship them directly from our warehouse in Budapest. You get the products for their wholesale price, Webshippy takes care of the packing, and the shipping cost is extra low. All you need to do is to come up with new, interesting ideas while browsing the Dropshippy catalogue, and synch any of the listed products into your own webshop – in a matter of seconds.

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How does Dropshippy work?

Step 1

Install the Dropshippy App into your existing webshop

Step 2

Browse the catalogue and choose the products you want to sell

Step 3

Synch the products into your own webshop with a single click

Step 4

Pay for the wholesale price of the products within the system, easily

Step 5

We pack and ship the products to the buyers, possibly with Same Day Delivery

Why is Dropshippy great?

Build up your stock instantly

Dropshippy is way more than a simple dropshipping catalogue: our 2000 square meter Budapest warehouse is continuously resupplied with products of our wholesale retail partners. Stock availability information is refreshed every second in the application that works together smoothly with your webshop engine, and can be imported into your webshop.

For Starters and Experienced Pros alike

Dropshipping usually involves slow shipping, packaging beyond your control, no C.O.D. handling and a lack of reliable supply sources… Dropshippy elevates the whole experience to a new level, with next day delivery and C.O.D. handling. Whether you just start your first adventure in e-commerce, or are a hardened professional looking for more supply options, dropshipping can help you boost your conversion and basket value.

An infinitely expanding dropshipping marketplace

Pick the best from the ever-expanding selection of thousands of products offered by hundreds of retailers. Choose the items that match the taste of your target group perfectly. Synch them to your webshop with a few clicks.

Automated product- and stock synching with your webshop

You never need to upload products one by one again, resizing images, thinking about copy. Your webshop engine can import any product from the Dropshippy catalogue, complete with photos and product descriptions. However, you can edit and rewrite anything to suit your own style and buyers a bit better.

Product acquisition, payments and invoices, all in one

You can see your dropshipping orders summarized, and you can easily acquire every product needed to fulfill them from within the system. You can download the wholesale invoices anytime, and initiate the transfer with a credit card, or compensate the cost from the incoming C.O.D payments.

Next Day Delivery, everywhere in the country

Our Budapest warehouse and the fully fledged logistics system makes it possible for your buyers to get the products by the next day. Webshippy provides all this for a comfortably low price, including packaging, shipping and optional C.O.D. handling.


“It was incredible. We made our products available in the Dropshippy catalogue and within a couple of weeks, several other webshops have been able to sell some of them in their own stores.”

Edina Scharbert

Launch your dropshipping webshop today!

We lead you through the process step by step and you can quickly start browsing in the catalogue!

Become a dropshipping supplier!

Are you making or selling products? Would you like others to sell these products?

Dropshippy is free for the dropshipping seller web stores. Payment is only due for the delivered packages. The cost comes from package handling fee and delivery fee. You can find the details on the cost calculator page.

Any webshop works with Dropshippy, but automated product synching requires a Shoprenter, UNAS, Woocommerce or Shopify engine.

All of the products are either stored in our own logistics center, or in another warehouse which our retail and webshop partners use and where the product becomes available in no more than 2 days. The availability of any product is shown on its product card.

The catalogue shows the images and descriptions provided by the sellers, you can upload these into your own webstore with a few clicks. Some providers offer a lot of content, others maybe require some work. Don’t forget that you are free to edit everything after you uploaded the information to your own site.

If there was a certan provider or product category you would ne interested in, but you can’t find them in the catalogue, just tell us via the feedback form! We will do everything we can to bring them aboard.

The catalogue shows the retail price and the recommended consumer price. These prices are set by the providers so there can be quite substantial differences. You will find products with margins of 5% and 90% as well.

It’s completely up to you, regardless of what the providers recommend. If you can come up with some clever added value or a special marketing message, maybe you can sell on a much higher price.

Once you sold a product, your orders show up in the system and you can see which orders require acquisition. You can pay the retail price for the product(s) with a credit card. After that, we pick, pack and pass the products to the courier company.

To start using Dropshippy, you need to register, accept the terms and conditions, and upload the documents that prove your operation. You connect your webshop, and if you’d like us to generate the invoices, connect your online invoice service as well. Once this is done, all you need to do is upload the products you prefer into your own store, and generate some traffic to it.

You can register as an individual, but you need to have some sort of legal business entity to start selling.

When we receive an order before noon, we pass the product to the courier on the same day, so your buyer is likely to get it the next day. When the product needs to be shipped in from another warehouse, it generally takes 1-3 workdays more.

Webshippy operates with reduced delivery costs. More details available on the cost calculator page.

You can accept orders from all over the world. Our partners can ship the products anywhere.

Of course you can. Our partners handle the C.O.D. payments anywhere where this form of payment is customary.

We process C.O.D. payments and all our service fees on a weekly basis. You can always check your costs and revenue situation in realtime in our system.


It comes back into our logistics center, just like it happens when the product is sent back within 14 days. The product remains under your ownership until it can be delivered again for a new buyer.

Webshippy, the most innovative outsourced logistics provider of the region runs Dropshippy service, in very high quality. Our logistics centers feature automated processmanagement and quality assurance, which guarrantees a trouble-free package delivery.