Why Webshippy?

Our story

Webshippy started its operation in early 2016. We were the first full service fulfillment company in Hungary which was set up according to the US models of the industry. Unlike courier businesses dabbling in storage support, we followed already established Western methods and based our operation on our own experience in e-commerce. This is how we built the automated workflow and the technological background it required.

Perényi András CEO Webshippy

András Perényi

“We launched our first e-commerce enterprise in 2014. We wanted to build a fully digital company which is easily scalable, with short returns and relatively big turnover. We read industry blogs, experimented with marketing strategies and drew the conclusions.

Our second webshop was based on our experiences and it produced high numbers in a short time. We sent out 3000 packages in the sixth month, and this is where logistics started to become extremely complicated. It required a lot of time and there were a lot of operational errors. The packages needed more and more storage space. Communication between the invoicing software, the webshop, the courier company and the inventory manager was slowing, having a clear picture of the full situation was getting way too hard. We were on our way to expand into neighbouring countries, but we felt that logistics is a bottleneck, hindering our growth significantly.

We knew about fulfillment services, as a simple way to keep scaling up your business, so we decided to outsource our logistics and started looking for a suitable provider. But we didn’t find one. No one delivered this service with a mindset that strives for perfection and utilizes the latest technologies, for an affordable price. In short, we didn’t find a service with the standards we would expect from ourselves.

This is when we decided that we want to build the IT system which can provide that level of automation we want to see in our logistics, while keeping the percentage of erroneous order fulfillments as low as possible. This is when the first iteration of the current Webshippy software was born. Very soon it was pretty obvious that we created something which is way beyond anything currently available not only locally, but even regionally, and some of our friends who have webshops of their own started asking us to handle their logistics for them. So we have built a service to fulfill our own needs, to maximize our e-commerce gains, and then it has become a service focused on scaling and international growth. It has become Webshippy.

Today we fulfill tens of thousand of orders monthly, serving hundreds of online stores. Our e-commerce, logistics, and marketing experience helps them in not only the physical management of their orders, but the organic growth of their whole business.”


Logistics is one of the most demanding fields in e-commerce. It requires a lot of energy, money and skill, while it’s also a ‘necessary bad’ for most e-commerce enterpreneurs. Our aim is to provide a service which offers a solution to this complex challenge, thus letting the webshop owners focusing on other, more important aspects of their business, so they can freely grow.


Our vision is to make the borders set by international logistics companies irrelevant, unifying the Central and Eastern European e-commerce markets. We believe that outsourced logistics help webshop owners in achieving a financial- and location independent lifestyle.


Our colleagues are glad to help you with the first steps, and the integration of your systems. Any questions? Please contact us!