Why Webshippy?

The Story of Webshippy

Webshippy launched its operation in 2016. It is the first ever industry-standard logistics fulfillment provider in the country. In contrast to shipping companies who offer warehousing as well, we based our model on our own e-commerce experience, and got inspired by the already existing, global examples of similar services. We created an automated work process and a highly innovative technical background to support this business model on the highest level.

András Perényi


We got into e-commerce towards the end of 2014.

We wanted an easily scalable webshop with a quick turnaround, generating as much revenue as possible. We set up our first webshops based on the tips of professional e-commerce blogs and started experimenting with the major marketing strategies used in this industry. Then, we drew conclusions. 

We utilized everything we learned from the first project while setting up our second webshop, and that has become a major hit. We reached 3000 packages by 6 months, and that is where our logistics started sliding out of control. The process required a huge amount of time and effort, we made mistakes, the packages used up all our available storage space. The data traffic slowed down the communication between the invoicing software, the webshop itself, the courier company web app, the inventory manager, which made it very hard to see clearly where the business stands. We have already started selling in neighbouring countries and we clearly felt that these problems with the logistics really hinder our growth.

By this time, we already have read about ‘fulfillment’ in the case studies of successful e-commerce ventures in the West. This solution enabled scalable growth for these businesses, so we wanted to follow them and outsource our logistics. But we didn’t find a company that offered this service with the sort of flexibility, technology, and prices we wanted to see.

This is when we decided to start build up the IT background that allows that level of automation we wanted for ourselves – with paying extra attention to keeping the number of errors as low as possible. This was starting moment in the development cycle of the Webshippy software. Even the earliest versions got the attention of some of our friends from the e-commerce world and they asked us to handle their logistics for them. Webshippy started as a solution for our own needs, but it has become a scalable service that helps maximizing the e-commerce performance of its clients, while focusing on international growth. 

We fulfill several tens of thousands of orders per month, making the operation of numerous webshops easier.

This is not just about logistics. We help our partners to grow, thanks to our combined experience in e-commerce, logistics and marketing.

Our Philosophy

Logistics is an area of e-commerce that is very complicated. It demands a lot of attention, money, energy and special skills. Our goal is to offer a solution to this complex and not quite popular challenge, helping webshop owners to focus on the most important thing: growth.



Our vision is to unify the Central and Easter European markets, removing the boundaries set by logistics companies. We believe that through outsourced logistics, we can help webshop owners achieve a financially and geographically independent life, with more personal freedom.


Are you ready for scalable growth?

Our colleagues help you with the first steps, integrating your systems. Any questions? Please ask!