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We store your products, pack, invoice and deliver your orders

Webshippy created a highly innovative outsourced logistics system for webshops. You can trust us with your complete logistics process: we store the products you sell, we prepare the orders your webshop gets, we pack it proficiently, we invoice it for you, and we deliver it rapdily, within Hungary and also internationally, with handling C.O.D. payments. This enables you to focus on generating more traffic to your store, more revenue for your business, instead of spending time and resources on logistics.

Shipping In

You can send your products directly into our Logistics Center. We identify them with barcodes, put them in the inventory, and store them on pallets or shelves.

Cloudbased Logistics Platform

We designed an order fulfillment and packaging optimization software that gives you complete control over your logistics processes. You can check package statuses, realtime inventory, and you can track C.O.D payments.

Multiple level data sync with all the major webshop engines

Webshippy is integrated with all the major webshops, so all your orders are automatically synched. The buyer invoices are generated automatically, with your online invoicing software and your data. 


Cross the borders, expand internationally

We can ship your products anywhere on the planet, thanks to our logistics partnerships, for significantly less than regular delivery prices. This can make your webshop competitive even when your package quantity is not very high yet, and you can sell your products globally, with included C.O.D. handling.





hidden costs

We get good discounts from the shipping companies, due to the huge quantity of orders we are fulfilling daily. Most of these discounts are directly transferred to our clients, keeping the cost of order fulfillment low. Our package handling fees change dynamically based on quantity. You only pay for the services you really use.

Cutting edge e-commerce warehouse logistics

When you join Webshippy, you can send all your products directly to our logistics center. Every product receives a barcode, goes into our inventory, and gets stored on pallets or shelves. Our fulfillment center, located in Budapest, with a capacity of several thousands of square meters, is the first of its kind in the country where every process is digitized and tracked realtime. Webshippy is fast, automated and error-free. How did we make this happen? With our own innovations.

For big and small, we got it all

Outsourcing logistics is a very effective way to achieve scalable growth, for any e-commerce company. Whether you’ve just started your webshop, or running your business for years and look for ways to optimize the e-commerce aspect of it, our pricing system offers significant economic gains for everyone.


We help top startups and leading brands to grow rapidly

Webshippy can enhance the effectiveness of any company, regardless of size or growth phase. You can find beginners, growing webshops and well-established companies working with us.

Anna Sasvári


Fanni Perlaki


Máté Kovács


The most innovative outsourced logistics company of the region

Ministry of Innovation - The Most Innovative Startup of the Year 2019, Special Award

It’s time to be an even more successful e-commerce vendor!

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