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Our solutions help webshops grow and achieve their goals - and as a workplace, we support each other

The innovation of our company lies in our proprietary stock tracking, order processing and packaging optimisation software for online orders, which integrates easily with the most popular webshop engines and billing software, as well as with our supplier subcontractors’ systems.

“As a leader, it is important for me that everyone in our team feels safe and motivated. We demand high expectations and professionalism, but in return we offer high quality jobs.”

András Perényi - CEO

Lovable Workplaces Award 2020 For the team, there was never any question that Webshippy was a lovely place to work. The award in 2020 has made this visible to others and we can only encourage everyone to give it a try!"

For the team, there was never any question that Webshippy was a lovely place to work. The award in 2020 has made this visible to others and we can only encourage everyone to give it a try!

Our story

March 2016

The idea of Webshippy is born

June 2016

Webshippy launched!

April 2017

We moved to our larger, current logistic centre

December 2017

We signed our first investor contract

July 2018

Webshippy celebrates the 100th customer and the 100,000th parcel sent

December 2018

Another record: 3447 parcels in one day

March 2019

Startup Innovation Award

November 2019

We moved to a bigger office space

December 2019

the 500,000th parcel was sent out

December 2019

Another record: 5404 parcels in one day

June 2020

We moved to a new 7500 square metre warehouse

August 2020

We sent out our one millionth parcel

August 2020

Our 100th employee joined us

November 2020

We won the Workplaces to Love Award

The most innovative outsourced logistics company in the region

Ministry of Innovation - Most Innovative Startup of the Year 2019, Special Award

Life at Webshippy

In addition to our day-to-day tasks, we strive to build and continuously develop our team, the foundation of our methodology. If it weren’t for the amazing views and no-shoe-policy in Pécs, or if we couldn’t throw a dart at the dartboard while brainstorming and making phone calls in our Budapest office, our services wouldn’t be the same. For example, we insist on having coffee together in the morning, even in the home office, and the first Wednesday of every month is a birthday celebration.

Our philosophy

Logistics is one of the most complex and specialised areas of the online commerce world. Our philosophy is to use our technology solutions to change the way warehouse processes are perceived, ensuring that every webshop owner and employee can focus on what they do best, driving growth.

Our vision

Our vision is to blur the boundaries set by logistics companies that define the markets of Central and Eastern European countries and thus unite them into a common market. We believe that by doing so, and through outsourced logistics, we will help webshop owners to create a financially and geographically independent, freer life.


What makes our service special

The basis of our service is our proprietary system, which we continuously develop according to the emerging market needs, testing and applying the latest technologies.

Automated warehouse processes

Automated warehouse processes

Proprietary software

Proprietary software

Cloud-based logistics platform

Cloud-based logistics platform

Dedicated IT support

Dedicated IT support

Unique, modern WMS system

Unique, modern WMS system

Software-driven packaging

Software-driven packaging

AI-driven shelf allocation

AI-driven shelf allocation

Expertise based on experience

Expertise based on experience



Our technology solutions are transforming the way webshops and logistics are perceived

We are revolutionising the logistics of e-commerce! Our innovative solutions bring complete reform to the lives of both e-commerce businesses and their customers.


Our unique platform is designed to ensure error-free processing of online orders and smooth logistics for webshops. This is based on our ability to respond immediately to the needs of our partners and our logistic centre, whether they involve operational processes or new developments.



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