Selling to Europe? Break the borders by fulfillment from Hungary!

Meet the strongest e-commerce fulfillment alliance in the region and forget all the post-brexit hassle.

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Get ahead of competition with Webshippy and Trans-Sped joint services

As of 1st January 2021 delivery from the UK to the EU got extremely slow and expensive. One way of eliminating extra costs and administration is outsourcing your e-logistics to a professional EU-based Fulfillment Center. That’s what we offer.

Why fulfillment from Hungary

Many British companies try to find a solution for all the issues raised post-Brexit. With outsourcing to Hungary you can not only get rid of administration and extra costs but enjoy many benefits this country offers.

Centralized location

Reach all countries in maximum 48 hours

Export friendly taxation

The lowest in Europe, only company tax is 9 percent

Affordable fulfillment fees

Enjoy western quality on eastern prices

Professional solutions

Take advantage of the most modern software and robotized warehouse

Special Brexit price from DHL

Save even more with our partnership with one of the most popular carriers.

Everything you need in fulfillment

We have all the infrastructure and technology to serve any demands.


Meet our award winning fulfillment software

Our technology is built on innovation and efficiency that is one-of-a-kind in the region. From integration to digitalized picking&packing everything is automized for an easy and error-free fulfillment.

Robotized warehouse

digital processes on every level

One click integration

with the well known e-commerce platforms

100% automated processes

quick and error-free

Over 1.5 million packages

sent from our Budapest fulfillment center


qualified logistic experts


camion fleet

200 000 sqm

warehouse capacity


Road, air and rail transportation


Meet one of the biggest logistics company in Hungary

As the largest Hungarian-owned logistics company, Trans-Sped has been an active player in domestic and international trade for 30 years. We have all the equipment, technology and transportation experience you need.

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Enjoy the benefits of our partnership

Quick and professional

We guarantee a 24-48 hours delivery to most EU countries and we choose the most suitable carrier for your products.

Thanks you our great partnership with DHL you can count on the best service at special prices.

Great prices

Our handling fee can be as low as 1EUR/order and considering the high volume we ship daily our partners offer really competitive delivery prices for our customers. Not to mention the savings from avoiding brexit taxes, VATs and extra administration.

Most modern, innovative software

Our award winning software ensures that all processes are fully automized, therefore no errors occur. It is available 0-24 and provides up to date information on all products, stock and orders. We have quick&easy integration with several webshop platforms and we can connect any system via API.

Customs & taxes

We operate a customs warehouse and arrange full scale customs clearance for you. By importing your products to our warehouse you can benefit from Hungary’s really favorable company taxes.

Transportation for all needs

With a 200+ camion fleet we offer road transportation within Europe, including transportation from the UK. We have worldwide air and sea freight and also Chinese rail freight.

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