Outsource your logistics and focus on growth

Fulfillment service for webshops and online sales


Why Webshippy?

In short: you get money, time and limitless momentum for growth

Why outsource your logistics?

Webshippy provides professional logistics, and that’s a big relief for our clients. You can get rid of a whole array of challenges, tasks and costs, like warehousing, keeping an inventory, preparing ordered products, and shipping them. This is roughly 70% of all the work a typical webshop requires. With Webshippy, there is no need to operate your own warehouse anymore, so you get rid of a lot of fixed costs, and your logistics costs become moving costs. This means you can use your income for boosting your growth and expansion.

Lower shipping costs

No need for logistics manpower

Better international shipping

International C.O.D. handling

Professional packaging

Minimized error rate

Minimized fixed costs

Faster ROI

Order fulfillment in hours, error-free

We optimized our order fulfillment software for incredible effectiveness and automated our warehouse processes. This enables us to pass on packages to the courier on the same day of the order, if the order is registered before 5 PM. And by now we forgot how customer complaints sound like – our order fulfillment system has achieved 100% effectiveness.

Global delivery, by next day, with C.O.D. handling

We only partner up with the best shipping companies. We have always been committed for building a lasting, harmonius relationship with them. This key aspect enhances buyer perception for our client webshops.


‘Webshippy is great help, because they take the shipping, order fulfillment and logistics tasks from our shoulders. Everyone who runs a webshop knows how many working hours you need to pour into this, and how complex it is. Webshippy constantly innovates for making this easier for all of us.’

Dávid Pásztor
UX Studio

A precise, robust and automated logistics process for maximum buyer satisfaction

Shipping In

You can send your products directly into our Logistics Center. We identify them with barcodes, put them in the inventory, and store them on pallets or shelves.

Spice up order fulfillment with unique extra services

Saved Serial Numbers

Our system recognizes products with unique ID and serial numbers. You can see which buyer received exactly which product.

Invoice Printing

We can print the buyer invoice and put it inside the package.

Document Printing

And why stop at the invoices while the printer is running? Maybe an Instructions Manual, a Coupon, a ‘Thank You’ note? We can print and pack any document with the delivery.

Comment Monitoring

We can track any special request attached to the order, and act accordingly.

Expiration Control

Regular inventory makes sure you always have the freshest goods in stock.

Order Handling Until 5 PM

We fulfill every order on the same day, if it arrives before 5 PM, enabling next day delivery.

Warehousing Technology From the Future

The Webshippy Logistics Center enables endless scaling for our clients. You can simply ignore challenges like workforce scarcity, rising wages, storage capacity limits… you can wave goodbye to a huge chunk of your fixed costs.

Outsourced Logistics Generates Income


Webshippy does not simply removes logistics from your business equation. It also generates extra income for you, via dropshipping. Simply offer up your products for reselling, on wholesale price. Influencers, online marketing experts and other e-commerce specialist will happily sell your products to vast new markets, through our in-house dropshipping program, for zero extra cost on your end.

Dropshipping for Webshops and Wholesale Retailers

Are you eager to start your e-commerce project, but you don’t have a reliable source for building up your stock? You want to expand your supply? Just go and resell the products of other webshops, right from our own warehouse, for wholesale prices! Focus on your niche marketing and let us take care of everything else related to supply and logistics!