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Fulfillment service for webshops and online sales


Cutting Edge E-Commerce Warehouse Logistics

Our Logistics Centre operates on several thousand square meters of floor space, guided by our own WMS system, which creates fast, automated and error-free order fulfillment.

Digitalized Warehouse Processes

The Webshippy Fulfillment Center is unique in its category: every single process is controlled digitally and tracked realtime. Would you like to see our epic Control Panel? Drop by and see it for yourself!

Optimal Shelving for Every Special Need

The shelf system is organized by chaos theory. Every shelf-section has a barcode, the shortest route to and from it is chosen by the AI.

100% Paper Free Shipping In, Picking and Packing

We achieved zero printed paper consumption in our warehouse operations, making the processes quicker, more accurate, and environmentally friendly.


Packing Processes With Software Support

Products, of course, are infinitely diverse. This means that packing itself will always require manual labor in the foreseeable future. But it is still controlled and supported by high tech solutions, making it an easy to learn, scalable and error-free method for our colleagues working in the warehouse.

Every Product With a Fitting Package

We designed a corrugated cardboard box system, optimized for simplified, fast and secure packaging, with the lowest possible raw material requirement. This provides a whole new level of safety and aesthetics for the typical e-commerce delivery package.

Security Above All

Protecting your products is our number one priority. We know that the stock is most valuable asset of an e-commerce project and we do everything in order to acquire your trust in the complete fulfillment system we offer.

Video Recording of The Whole Shipping In, Packing and Delivery Transfer Process

Magnet Card Entry System

Your Full Stock is Covered by Insurance

Smart Fire Extinguishing System

Would you like to improve your own warehouse?

Webshippy Elements enables you to install and utilize the most innovative e-commerce logistics solutions on-site. Higher efficiency, smarter order fulfillment, in your own warehouse. Get to know our custom made solutions: