Webshippy puts the most cutting-edge robotic technology at its service

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Among several other progressive developments, this year’s most ground-breaking innovation is that from now on we provide the exact same robotic technology service to our customers as Amazon in our fulfillment centers. The team of robots are remarkably productive: they are able to prepare 8000 orders a day with a team effort.

Robots facilitate the packaging process

The complete orders of 1500 webshops are being fulfilled at the 7500 square meter-sized Webshippy warehouse in Fót. We deliver 100-150 thousand packages a month

There lie significant technological developments behind this impressive volume. The error-free and automated order fulfillment is done by Webshippy’s own developed software, winner of the 2019 ‘Innovation category’ special award granted by the Ministry for Innovation and Technology. 

We have so far robotized a 1500 square meter-sized space with the recently launched robot warehouse management system. Currently, 24 robots move and manage the sum of 250 shelves

Goods to person technology entails a 35% higher efficiency rate in processes along with larger capacity

The most modern ‘goods to person picking’ technology speeds up and optimizes the most time-consuming workflow, the picking of products. This solution is embodied in the phrase ‘If the mountain will not come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain’, meaning that the goods to be packaged are delivered to our colleagues by the robots. Contrary to the traditional way,  it’s not the pickers who collect them– at the possible cost of 30 kms of walking a day. 
Our processes are the fastest and most effective ever. Placing and distributing the products is also controlled by independently learning artificial intelligence. 

By clearing the walking paths currently designated to pickers, Webshippy can soon increase its capacity by 20%, which is certainly great news for e-commerce companies ready to take the plunge and outsource their logistical tasks.
We’ve collected all there is to know on applied robotic technology on this page.

Robot and human – how do they work together?

We store the products on endless rows of mobile storage panels at our logistics center. The robots communicate with the order fulfillment software through wireless networks, and when a new order pops up, without one moment of delay, they role to the appropriate storage panel and take the product to the operator’s work station. 

The moment the items arrive at the given colleague, a “pick by light” system illuminates the shelves where the product is located. Following this, the only thing remaining is to read them with the bar code scanner and place them in the cases also designated by the same system. The system is entirely streamlined, precise and optimized. 

The Webshippy top-technology system manages orders containing different sized products with unique and remarkable efficiency as well. The development team has successfully combined the traditional and automated commission procedures by integrating the Geek+ robotic picking software into the Webshippy WMS. Beyond logistics – we are building the future 

András Perényi, the CEO of Webshippy reflecting on the current developments:
“I know that we have arrived at a revolutionary moment in the life of Webshippy. We have been working on creating long-lasting changes through far-reaching innovation. In spite of the epidemic, we have been able to keep on growing. Thanks to our efforts, now robots are scurrying about the packed shelves, and perhaps in the near future we can emerge with an even more groundbreaking innovation.  I am convinced that this is not merely a sectoral industrial development, but we are building the future. “

Webshippy sets foot on international market

Webshippy provides logistics, know-how, technology and market for manufacturers, traders, logistical service providers with online accessibility, striving to keep up with the accelerated development of e-commerce. What better proof of the scalability and reliability of our system is that brands, such as Helia-D, Butlers, Retro, Ilcsi Natural Cosmetics, Kreatívjáték and Fressnapf have placed their trust in us to manage their inventory. 

The first customer of our newly available Webshippy software license is no else than Praktiker. They are now able to provide the high quality and remarkably efficient order fulfillment system in their very own warehouses, made possible by the technology of our system.

The high-degree automatization achieved through robotization further increases the performance of our services, allows for better planning and lays the strong foundation for the our future growth. We have been present on the market for only a few years, nevertheless we are taking large steps towards reaching our goals and becoming a decisive logistical company in the Central and Eastern European region. 

We have a scheduled opening in Poland in 2022, followed by five more countries in the upcoming three years.

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