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Fulfillment service for webshops and online sales


Pay for only what you really need

We optimized our pricing structure for simplicity, making sure that logistics is becoming a clear and calculatable item in your expenses. With Webshippy, you only pay for what you really need.

Webshippy has no subscription fee, monthly fee, system usage fee or connection fee. Our pricing only includes charges that are incurred when a service is performed.

Our billing is also handled by Webshippy’s automated system, so you will always be billed at the current discount level.


Basis of calculation


Package handling

Monthly package number

From 440 HUF/package


Number of products/package

From 0 HUF, picking of 2nd and 3rd product free of charge


Quantity of products in stock

From 0 HUF, 30 days free storage for newly imported quantity

Product receiving

Number of products delivered

From 0 HUF, 2 times a week up to 1000-1000 pieces free of charge

Domestic delivery options

Based on delivery method and weight

From 720 HUF/package

International delivery options

Based on delivery method and weight

From 1162 HUF/package


Type of packaging material

From 11 HUF

*The charges are indicative and do not constitute an offer. The charges do not include the General Delivery Tax.
For more details on our pricing, please see our help content here.
Our current rates are always up to date by logging into Webshippy in the “Cost Calculator” menu.


How is Webshippy better than other fulfilment providers?

  • Free delivery – 2 times per week up to 1000-1000 items
  • Guaranteed revenue within 24 hours
  • Free storage – for all products for 30 days after stock returns
  • 2nd and 3rd product insertion free of charge
  • B2B Marketplace catalogue – easily expand your product range with nearly 100 000 different product items
  • Adpack – reduce your logistics costs and delight your customers with marketing inserts
  • 6 domestic couriers, 13 different delivery methods – GLS, MPL, DPD, Foxpost, Packeta, Sprinter
  • Favourable door-to-door international delivery options to anywhere in the world – DPD, Packeta, GLS, DHL
  • Crossborder service – Webshippy’s daily direct backbone service to 23 countries, 36 parcel carriers, with up to next day delivery
  • Robotic and manual order processing – we can provide the most optimal service for your webshop
  • Experience of over 7 000 000 parcels
  • More than 35 value-for-money packaging materials

Outsourcing logistics does not depend on the number of packages. Different-sized webshops outsource for different reasons. It enables smaller webshops to focus their precious time and energy on attracting customers, while larger ones can free themselves from the burden of dealing with their own logistics. Above all, cost efficiency is a great benefit for all businesses, regardless of size!

No, at Webshippy you only need to pay for the services you actually use. There is no monthly fee, subscription fee, joining fee or user fee. Our transparent pricing system enables both small and large webshops to make precise cost estimates.

You have access to Webshippy as soon as you go through a quick registration process. You can sign a contract online to become a partner. All of this takes no more than a few minutes.

Sure, in our product catalogue you have tens of thousands of products at your fingertips to cherry-pick the ones you like. Plus, you only pay for a product when you sell it.

You can connect any webshop engine with Webshippy. It takes only a few clicks to connect the most popular ones, however, API documentation enables all other, self-developed engines to connect as well. You can find help here: Connecting webshops

Yes, if you would like to automatize the billing process, it is possible through the system of Webshippy. The invoice is sent following package closure by billing systems Számlázz.hu and Billingo.

Your orders are automatically uploaded thanks to the integration of our systems. In other words, your orders are prepared and sent to your customers without you having to do anything. This enables you to manage your webshop entirely online, while relaxing at the Balaton or even the Bahamas.

You have the option of home delivery or picking up your package from parcel lockers at collection points in Hungary, with cash on delivery payment also. We deliver your packages to all corners of the world, and, what’s more, cash on delivery is also available.

Webshippy delivers thousands of packages daily all over the world. Thanks to this large quantity of deliveries, we managed to secure and provide very attractive delivery prices to our customers, both domestically and abroad, regardless of the number of packages you work with. You can get more information by using the price calculator on our website. You can find our up-to-date prices here: Our prices

If it’s your first time at Webshippy, please start by checking our website or browsing our information material at our new Help Center. If you have decided to work with us, please click on this link: First steps

Our charges are standard and predictable. You will never have unexpected surprises with us, as all our charges are based on the actual services you use. You can also opt for complementary, premium services on top of the basic offer. You can find our up-to-date price list here: Our prices

You can get a little extra help to understand our prices here: Explanation of prices

As a registered partner, you have full access to our system. Through the Webshippy admin platform all up-to-date information is at your fingertips: order status, inventory, financial statements.

Would you like to know more?

Are you interested in our detailed pricing system and our Quality of Life services? Contact our logistics experts who will gladly help you out in answering all your questions.