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Pay for only what you really need

We optimized our pricing structure for simplicity, making sure that logistics is becoming a clear and calculatable item in your expenses. With Webshippy, you only pay for what you really need.


Parcel handling fee

Our parcel handling fee covers 5 items per package, a printed invoice and proper packing material as standard.

How many packages do you expect monthly?

Average package amount

How many items do your packages typically contain?

Average item amount

HUF /parcel

Shipping fee

Thanks to our partners your products will reach customers across the globe on a very fair price

To what region are you planning to ship your orders primarily?

Destination country

What is the typical weight of your parcels in kg?

Average weight

Storage fee

We differentiate between primary inventory stored on 34x46x30cm shelves and backup stock on palettes.

Try to estimate the number of shelf positions your products will require?


Are you planning to keep backup inventory?


This calculator is merely for taking educated guesses, it’s not a valid offer. The prices do not have VAT added. The real costs can be modified by several other factors.

Would you like to know more?

Are you interested in our detailed pricing system and our Quality of Life services? Contact our logistics experts who will gladly help you out in answering all your questions.

Special Discount Prices

Do you represent a foundation? We’ve got unique pricing models in place, offered for Non-Profits! Find out if they apply for you.

Can’t outsource?

Would you rather enhance your own logistics system instead of outsourcing? Here’s our subscription-based hardware-software package, tailor-made for your special needs!