Webshippy Marketplace, the smorgasbord of webshops, has taken off!

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Thanks to Webshippy, who has created Hungary’s very first dropshipping marketplace, the barrier to entry for e-commerce is at its all-time low. If I had to convince someone about dropshipping in a single sentence, I would probably say: 

You operate your own webshop without having your own inventory and having all logistics related tasks done for you by someone else.

Have you been playing around with the idea of starting your own webshop for a while? Perhaps you’ve even heard international dropshipping success stories? It’s time to stop wavering and take the plunge! Webshippy Marketplace gives you the initial push as it makes starting and operating webshops the easiest possible.

But what is dropshipping, and besides the above-mentioned aspects, why is it an advantageous option for webshops? Here is a short, non-exhaustive introduction of dropshipping itself, followed by the list of benefits Dropshippy has to offer you.

Dropshipping, the newest trend in e-commerce

Dropshipping is the newest precious jewel of purchasing and logistics for webshops, a solution that makes operating webshops the simplest possible. Now, let’s take a look at what a webshop working through the dropshipping model does NOT have to deal with.  

The advantages of dropshipping: 

  • no need for starting capital
  • no need for own inventory
  • no need to have a warehouse 
  • no need to prepare orders 
  • no need to package 
  • no need to invoice 
  • no need to deal with returns

In other words, you don’t need to deal with intricate purchasing logistics procedures, because your dropshipping partner deals with all (!) of that for you. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? 

When an order comes in, the dropshipping partner prepares, packages, invoices and delivers it to the customer. All you have to do is pay the wholesale price of the product and wait for the retail price that the buyer purchased the product in your webshop at, to hit your account. The profit is the margin created between the wholesale and your retail price.

Your retail price- Wholesale price = profit.

If you’d like to learn more about dropshipping itself, and 

What’s good about it

What the advantages and drawback are

Who it is best for, and who we would not recommend it to etc. 

Read our article Dropshipping, the newest craze and get answers to all your questions.

Dropshipping Marketplace, Webshippy’ s new flagship project

Since the 2016 lauch of Webshippy, we’ve been well aware of the fact that outsourcing logistics is only an intermediate step in what we’d like to offer webshops. Our aspirations were much greater than this. We’ve set our mind to creating a solution, based on our previous experience and expertise in fulfillment, that makes the operation of webshops the simplest ever. We are delighted to announce that in December 2019, after 14 months of development, we have launched our unique service called Dropshippy.

Hungary’s very first and one of a kind dropshipping marketplace.

It is a shared warehouse and integrated system that manages the products of numerous wholesalers in the framework of a marketplace. As it can be easily integrated the most popular webshop engines (e.g. Shopify, Shoprenter, WooCommerce), anyone can become a dropshipping supplier or vendor just with a few simple clicks. The suppliers list their products designated for dropshipping in a brochure, and the vendors cherry-pick their own webshops’ products from this catalogue.

A real win-win for everyone.

Just become a Dropshippy supplier! There is nothing else you need to do than to supply your already existing stock – or part of it – to Webshippy. Then, make it available and upload it to the product catalogue. If you’re already our partner, of course, you’ll not have to deal with the issue of supply as your products are already in good hands with us. You can lay back and wait for people to sell your products and boost your sales.

You don’t have the capital for inventory? Would you like to add a new, attractive product to your repertory? Be a Dropshippy vendor! You can cherry-pick from a catalogue of thousands of products and place them on your own webshop’s virtual shelves. Given that you don’t need to have your own stock, it’s an ideal solution for you if you’d like to start your own webshop or add items to your already existing product portfolio.  

Dropshippy opens doors of opportunities for suppliers and vendors as well. Now let’s look at how the system works in a bit more detail: 

Why become a dropshipping vendor?

The dropshipping model itself already offers great advantages for webshops. However, the solutions of Webshippy surpass these and ultimately simplify the logistics of webshops. Simple dropshipping solutions used to entail long delivery times given that orders were typically fulfilled from China. We can’t say that they were  particularly popular with customers with a delivery time ranging between 2-weeks to 1-month, while the still popular cash-on-delivery payment method in Hungary was not available with them either.

Webshippy Marketplace, on the other hand, in most cases, fulfills the order on the same day, and what’s more, makes cash-on-delivery payment method possible for the customers.

Let’s recap and see what you gain by selling through the online marketplace: 

  • no need for capital to purchase your inventory
  • you can spend your money on marketing and expanding your webshop
  • you can expand your product portfolio risk-free 
  • you can add new products to the virtual shelves of your webshop with a few, simple clicks
  • you practically have no personal contact with the dropshipping product 
  • no delivery charges on purchased products 
  • no transport of products between warehouses minimize the chances of damage 
  • you can land new customers
  • you can sell more products during a single purchase
  • real-time inventory information at your finger tips
  • cash-on-delivery option 
  • you can sell your products all over Europe 
  • short, often one-day delivery to customers 

One more reason to become a Dropshippy customer and manage purchases and logistics with us is that as our customer you can get all this for no extra cost.  

Purchasing has never been so easy

The key to Webshippy Marketplace’s innovation is the extremely simplified purchase procedure that has lowered the entry costs to an all-time low. Starting a webshop and finding the right product take enormous amounts of time and energy. In addition to doing market research, you also have to negotiate with the different manufacturers. Every manufacturer works differently and after a while it’s hard to stay on board. 

But thanks to Webshippy Marketplace, you don’t need to spend enormous amounts of time, money and energy on locating the right product and trying to navigate the purchasing procedure. At Dropshippy, with a continuously expanding product catalogue counting currently 8702 products, you can cherry-pick the products you wish to sell. 


What’s more, you see the wholesale price of the item on the product data sheet right away along with the recommended margin for your own webshop.

With one simple click you can select and place the product in your webshop, and just as simply, remove it too.


Following a short synchronization, the products pop up in your webshop.


An order has come in for a dropshipping product? You have nothing else to do than to purchase the product with your credit card from the supplier. The moment this is done, we prepare, package, invoice, and hand the order over for delivery.

Your package can arrive to the buyer as soon as the following day, in all EU countries.

Endless possibilities

The dropshipping model is a proven method abroad. It is viewed as one of the ground-breaking trends in e-commerce. Not many people know this, but

nearly one-third of all online webshops in the world operate through a dropshipping model.

And it makes sense completely! For Hungarian webshops there has been limited access to this service so far. Although there are and have been large dropshipping partners such as Alibaba, eBay, Amazon, the problem is the dreadfully long delivery time that is unacceptable in today’s world when we want everything immediately, or at the latest, tomorrow.

In addition, if you work with different dropshipping partners, a buyer may order products from different places within the same purchase. Quite embarrassingly, then he or she receives the items at different times and in different packages due to the fact that the orders are handled by different dropshipping partners.   

But this is something that can never happen with Webshippy Marketplace! It offers an integrated solution so that you don’t have to worry about neither long – nor different delivery times, as delivery takes place from the real inventory of our warehouse in Budapest. This new option opens up endless possibilities for webshops, both for suppliers and vendors.  It enables webshops to focus all their energy on their growth.

Do you feel ready? Get started here.

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