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Order synching without intervention

Our order management system has been designed around the needs of webshop owners. It can easily connect with all the major webshop platforms and the uniquely designed ones as well. Order synching is realtime, so fulfillment starts immediately after order placement, to serve your buyers as soon as possible.

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A friendly and easy to use UI

We know exactly how important it is for you to stay in touch with your logistics process. You can get detailed, up-to-date information from the system anytime, be it about the status of certain packages, shipping costs, or the exact time when a COD payment arrives.

Webshippy logisztikai platform

Visualize your traffic data, the proportion of delivered and refused packages, with spectacular diagrams


Detailed order list with package statuses and shipping costs, down to the every single package.


Track your stock, set unique trigger warnings to know when you need a resupply.


Fully transparent, realtime tracking of your Webshippy finances, so you can always have a clear picture of your logistics costs, so you can calculate with them while working on your business model.


Realtime tracking of gathered and in-progress C.O.D. payments, so you can plan your income flow.


You can add several sales channels under your user account, so you can manage the orders of several webshops and online businesses on a single platform. Thanks to this feature, we can fulfill the local and international orders from a single logistics center.

Webshippy logisztikai platform
Webshippy csomagoló állomás

Digitally guided packing stations

The work on our packing stations is optimized by automated product-distribution and packing-priorization systems controlled by our platform. Error-free order-management is secured by laser barcode readers built into the touchscreens.

Barcode-based shelf location identification

In our logistics center, every single product is placed on a location identified by a barcode. We use handheld admin devices which we build ourselves, and our own software is installed on them. These devices make sure that locations are saved, inventory is up-to-date. Every movement is registered digitally, so our system always shows the real, accurate situation all over the warehouse stock.


Invoicing is part of the logistics process. Connect your favored online invoicing system with a few clicks, and when the packaging is done, the invoice will be generated and printed, in Your name, automatically.

  • generating official e-invoices
  • electronic invoices sent in PDF
  • printed invoices, added into the package
  • auto-cancelling of refused packages

The invoice shown here is only an illustration, showcasing invoice templates generated by the Billingo invoicing software.


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